Technical Information


CoRE™ Description

1. CoRE™ Technology Overview



1. Josh D. Kangas, Naik, Armaghan W., & Murphy, Robert. F., Efficient Discovery of Responses of Proteins to Compounds Using Active Learning, BMC Bioinformatics, 15(1), 143, May, 2014.
3. Robert F. Murphy, An Active Role for Machine Learning in Drug Development, Nature Chemical Biology, June 2011.



1. J. D. Kangas, Naik, A. W. & Murphy, R. F., Active Learning to Improve Efficiency of Drug Discovery and Development, SLAS 2014 poster describing the capabilities and uses of the CoRE™.
2. R. J. Brennan, Kangas, J. D., Schmidt, F., Khan-Malek, R. & Keller, D. A., Applying an Active Machine Learning Process to Build Predictive Models of In Vivo Toxicity from ToxCast Screening Data, ToxCast Data Summit, September 2014. Additional Information



1. Computational Research Engine (CoRE™) Overview.
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