De-risking Novel Targets

De-risking novel targets is a critical but time consuming process. For a thorough vetting, one needs information about the specific target, related targets and the known active analogs for these. The analysis of these data for safety related risks can be very time consuming because of the scarcity and heterogeneous nature of the data sources.

CoRE™’s KnowledgeBase contains millions of experimental results that are searched in order to discover relationships between a target, target family, endogenous and related ligands and their potential liabilities, thus allowing Clients to make fast and accurate decisions when working with novel targets.

CoRE™ Benefits:

  • Identifies most relevant assays and protocols data for your targets
  • Suggests potential liabilities to consider for your targets
  • Recommends a starting compound set containing highly informative compounds that are predicted to be efficacious and safe
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