CoRE™: Advanced Prediction with Active Machine Learning… Enhancing Drug Discovery

Innovation in active machine learning accelerates drug discovery and development and significantly lowers R&D costs

Quantitative Medicine’s Computational Research Engine (CoRE™) is a dynamic technology, offered as software as a service (SaaS), that can be adapted to the specific needs of your unique drug discovery campaign. Quantitative Medicine understands the importance of flexibility in an ever-evolving industry and therefore we welcome the opportunity to speak to you and your research team, learn about your distinct initiatives, and offer our unique, individualized approach to help you get the most from your research efforts.

CoRE™ users can expect a level of service that is exclusive to Quantitative Medicine:

    • Experiment and/or compound prioritization based on the CoRE™’s patented active machine learning methods optimized for each user’s specific needs
    • An all-inclusive strategy capable of addressing multiple campaigns or drug discovery elements concurrently
    • Data supplementation with our curated set of over 200 million data points
    • A one of a kind, ensemble based prediction method incorporating a proprietary combination of various algorithms that is not restricted by large experimental spaces or extreme data diversity
    • A uniquely iterative active machine learning approach capable of dealing with missing and even noisy data
    • Secure data handling with multiple processing options

The CoRE™ Difference

Don’t replace experimentation–complement it.

The Quantitative Medicine approach complements current industry practices by using computation to guide experimentation, unlike other methods that try to replace experimentation with computation.

Confidence through guided experimentation

The CoRE™ computational method does not assume it has initially defined the most relevant research data. Instead, the CoRE™ algorithms recommend the most relevant experimentation, and continually improve the model, based on the results of these recommended experiments.

Foster progress for multiple campaigns — CONCURRENTLY

A significant innovative feature of CoRE™ is its ability to analyze all drug discovery elements concurrently – desired effects and side effects such as toxicity.

Sold in the software as a service (SaaS) format, Quantitative Medicine’s CoRE™ services will be priced at a fraction of the cost of current predictive modeling and experimentation. We currently offer Quantitative Medicine’s server platform or three “Internet Cloud” service providers to safely and securely manage your processing needs. We are registered and authorized with each of these providers; IntraLinks, Amazon Cloud Services and BT for Life Sciences. Contact Quantitative Medicine for more information on processing options.

Further Information

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Quantitative Medicine, please use the link below to send us an email. A Quantitative Medicine representative will respond to your inquiry promptly. Contact Us

Further technical information is here.
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