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The writing is still not as good as in other similar services, and customer support has known better times. Turnit is a good tool for universities as it helps to appreciate the originality and uniqueness of scientific papers. Nowadays, most teachers use it to catch fraudsters…

Most importantly, this is not what I expected, and I will be looking for the best dissertation authors for my next articles. During 2019, we saw some students who just didn’t have the patience to deal with the company…


After a few clicks, I found the events mentioned in this interview. Only then did I realize that this is the only source of information for my essay. I estimate that the writer spent about half an hour on my essay. I meant that the work is not plagiarism, but it is very close.

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As if they were born to write, and I hope they will write for many more years. Programmers are also required to write essays and presentations. This type of writing requires a writer who is also a programmer, or at least familiar with programming languages ​​and common problems..

When I received the text, it included only a few events that were summarized from the interview. But I myself did not know them and I am engaged in environmental protection. I google it myself if I missed something important.